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HAOLIWEN Products Range Expanded

HAOLIWEN is happy to announce the expanding of its product range into wet tissue & cutlery. In the year of 2011, HAOLIWEN successfully expanded its product range into wet tissue & started the supplying to TAM.

At early of 2012, HAOLIWEN high management team decided to start the cutlery supplying. By investment, HAOLIWEN set up its own producing unit of cutlery & started the negotiation with its customers on the supplying.

" We are trying to be an one-stop supplier, what our customers need to do is just tell HAOLIWEN what they want. This means HAOLIWEN is on another supplying way that we care our customers more than a customer. We hope in near future, more and more customers would benifit from the new supplying & service from HAOLIWEN..." VP Purchasing & Coordination, Mr. Eric Woo said.

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